Every bride has a vision for her big day. She has picked the venue, the colours, the theme and styled out her perfect day. She has probably even envisaged her guests and what they will look like, so how do you know what to wear? Here is our guide to read between the lines of that wedding invitation....


The Outdoor Summer Wedding 

 Your invite is natural and covered in flowers. This suede dress is elegant in style and demure in its earthy tones, details and lace make it the perfect outdoor wedding piece. Blend into the natural tones and flowers of the wedding. 

The outdoor wedding

Dress LMS-GBC-H2536 Shoe LMS-PBS-CP6383


The Destination Wedding

If exotic colours and locations are on the invite, you can use this as a ticket to be a little more flamoyant with your outfit. We have chosen this fabulous floral maxi.

The Destination Wedding

Dress LMS-PARI-DRS6037 Shoes LMS-PBS-INES23 


The Vintage Wedding

If your invitation contains lace, the chances are the bride has put together a vintage afair. Think pretty, full skirts, below the knee hemlines in antique colours, which is why this soft pink full midi dress is perfect for this wedding.

 The Vintage Wedding


Dress LMS-JW-15151G171  Shoe LMS-PBS-PJ3044



The Black Tie Wedding

If there is black on the invite in all likelyhood you will be able to wear black to the wedding. To clarify 'Black Tie' means 'gown' and anything above the ankle simply will not do. I would ask the bride if black is okay, just on the off chance the bridesmaids are wearing it but in all truth you will usually find anything GOWN will go, apart from white of course!

Black Tie Wedding


Dress LMS-GBC-H1760  Shoes LMS-PBS-CP6317



The Fashion Wedding

City location? monochrome invite? not much to go on? Just think fabulous and ideally not floral! Shop for that stand out piece because everyone at this wedding can make a statement. 


Fashion Wedding


Dress LMS-LA-LA204  Shoe LMS-PBS-PM4269



The Chic Summer Wedding

The answer is yes, you can wear white to a wedding, but there are rules! Never anything that remotely resembles a wedding dress, obviously,  ideally something with a bit of print and always wear coloured (not white) accessories. This monochrome wrap dress does exactly that, fresh and chic, fashionable but not flamoyant. Teamed with a pop of colour on the shoe. Perfect!!!


Summer Chic Wedding


Dress LMS-JW-15151F373 Shoe LMS-PBS-PF3762