With a few more festivals to go a girl needs to be festival ready and I’m definitely feeling Coachella inspired. Now if you’re not sure what Coachella is, it’s a festival, carnival, fashion show mash up!

As always, Coachella brought some MAJOR outfit inspiration, we saw an eclectic mix from boho babes, casual cool, classic crochet, western vibes, sequin stunners to rock chick leather

Aaaaah how times change  I remember when all everyone wore was their favourite band tee and denim shorts, not anymore, the fashion is as important as the music now, maybe more so! But don't get me wrong I LOVE IT! it's a place where you can really be free in your fashion 

We've put together some Chella inspired festival styles for you;


Festival Trend; Western Vibes
Yee Haw! Y’all like the western look? Yes ma’am we sure do   Well I'm happy to report that the western look was a strong Coachella festival trend this year, cowboy boots especially were stomping the grounds.


Playsuit;LMS-PARI-PS6223 Hat;LMS-FJF-HT-125-COFFEE Jacket;LMS-CI-C89368A Bag;LMS-TIA-NS155-BEIGE Boots;LMS-PBS-CP6593-TAN Bracelets;LMS-FJF-BR-5280 and LMS-FJF-BR-5321-BLACK Earrings;LMS-FJF-ER-6018-WHITE Ring; LMS-FJF-RG-3645 Choker;LMS-YC-CH046-TAN


Festival Trend; Boho-Chic
The Boho-chic style was out in force, this laid back style is my go to festival favourite. For creating a perfect boho outfit don’t forget the accessories which are probably the most important part of all, less is definitely not more here ladies. 

Outfit 1- Playsuit;LMS-WYLDR-WAW16D484-001 Hat;LMS-FJF-HT-120 Gilet;LMS-JW-15134F0800 Bag;LMS-QSY-NS28  Outfit 2- Blouse;LMS-DY-101017 Gilet;LMS-JW-15134F0800 Hat;LMS-FJF-HT-120 Skirt;LMS-DWF-S04-BK Bag;LMS-QSY-NS28  Accessories- Boots;LMS-PBS-153AS01-TAN Earrings;LMS-FJF-ER-6018-BROWN Choker;LMS-FJF-NC-7628-GOLD Hair Accessory;LMS-FJF-HA-5135-GOLD Rings;LMS-FJF-RG-3858-BLUE and LMS-FJF-RG-3839-GOLD


Festival Trend; Sequins
Personally, I‘m not brave enough to sparkle it up for a festival , I save my shimmering for the club, SHIMMERING SHIMMY! but those sequin stunners really do stand out and look amazing so if you love a sprinkle of sparkle this is for you.


Top;LMS-JW-VEST150903055 Shorts;LMS-DCBI-ASHI2128 Hat;LMS-FJF-HT-125-COFFEE Bag;LMS-QSY-NS103-BLACK Boots;LMS-TWS-110 Armlet;LMS-YYF-FT-005-GOLD Sunglasses;LMS-EB-SUN001-RED Earrings;LMS-EB-39768 Ring;LMS-FJF-RG-3945-MULTI Choker;LMS-YC-CH021


Festival Trend; Casual Cool
Although people usually think of festivals as the place to be as extra as possible, sometimes less is more so if your style is more on the simple side and you aren't into all the sparkle and festival wear these looks are perfect for you.


Dress;LMS-JW-16151H504 Top;LMS-FT-160342-WHITE Headband;LMS-YYF-YT-0021 Bag;LMS-NVB-NS05 Jacket;LMS-CI-C88206A Trainers;LMS-TWS-109 Sunglasses;LMS-EB-SUN001-WHITE Choker;LMS-YC-JC4755


Festival Trend; Classic Crochet
An absolute festival classic, always a winner, I just LOVE a bit of crochet and we’ve got some beauties in our range.


Dress;LMS-CI-C22954B Hat;LMS-FJF-HT-125-COFFEE Jacket;LMS-CI-C64358A Bag;LMS-TIA-NS155-BEIGE Boots;LMS-PBS-CP6593-TAN  Sunglasses;LMS-EB-SUN001-WHITE Bracelet;LMS-FJF-BR-9113 Choker;LMS-YC-CH021 Belt;LMS-FJF-BL-063-BLACK


Festival Trend; Leather
You may be thinking leather in this weather! But yes, leather made a popular appearance. Our hottest seller this August is our leather fringe mini skirt so I guess a lot of you already know that leather is on trend right now.


Jacket;LMS-CI-C88216A Top;LMS-JW-OMJZV017-BLACK Shorts;LMS-JW-16144G893 Bag;LMS-CDB-NS34 Boots;LMS-DCS-SW151101 Armlet;LMS-YYF-FT-005-SILVER Ring;LMS-FJF-FJ-RG-3795 Choker;LMS-YC-CH112-BLACK  Bracelets;LMS-FJF-BR-5393-SILVER and LMS-FJF-BR-3883-BLACK Earrings;LMS-BS-B355702


 And lets not forget the body art, here's a few of my faves but we've got lots more to choose from;

Dream Catcher Metallic Tattos; LMS-CPFT-NS10  Wild Child Metallic Tattoos;LMS-CPFT-NS10 Doodle Hand Transfers;LMS-TSS-NS118


Whatever you wear, rock it  Have fun at the festival